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Our aim is to create employment, support business development, enhance the environment, conserve local heritage, increase tourism, support community relations and deliver advice and signposting services for the betterment of the residents of Kilkeel and wider Mourne area in South Down.

Kilkeel Development Association Ltd is made up a board of voluntary, cross community directors who spend large amounts of time and energy to assist in enhancing and promoting the economic, social and cultural  development of the area.

KDA has successfully implemented over 100 projects and attracted over £10million into the Kilkeel and wider Mourne area.

Latest News

25 Years of Kilkeel Regeneration

KDA is delighted to celebrate its 25th anniversary, a mile stone for any organisation, with the production of a book entitled  “A Celebration of Mourne Culture”. There is a rich culture that has … [Read More...]

Current Projects

Past Projects